Hi, I’m Lloyd Lemons

I WRITE, EDIT, AND CURATE THIS WEBSITE. I've been blogging in this space since 2003, but I am completely starting over, so there's not much here yet, but there soon will be. You’ve probably landed here because…

  1. You have an interest in topics relating to getting older.
  2. You have an interest in the bicycle, cycling, and related fitness topics.
  3. You are a business in need of corporate or marketing content.

For more than 30-years, I’ve been writing content and consulting for more than 250 businesses. You’ll find more information on my content writing services here

I’m also a husband, father, grandfather, solopreneur, serious cyclist, and I have 15-years of experience as a caregiver to my mother who recently passed away. I have a DaVincian curiosity. I’m interested in way too many things! Including health and fitness, new careers, technology, creativity, old home restoration, longevity, resilience, and self-reliance, living simply, and of course, enjoying my third act.

I'll be exploring many of these topics on this website and in my newsletter The Notable Tribe. I also write and curate the website Cycling Nirvana, which will be coming to a close in the near future. 

My aim is simple: to assist in amplifying and enriching the lives of the modern elder.

I think we all have an interest in the topics I've mentioned, but I’d like to know what you think! I want to share resources, know-how, encouragement, and friendship to help you and others of our generation smooth out the rough spots we face as older adults and get on with life. It’s our Third Act, and it should be our best act. 

Talk to me! Share your experiences. Tell me what you’d like to learn, clarify, experience, or get off your chest. Send me an email and put tnt in the subject line. I read every email and respond to all serious inquiries.

I’m easy to reach by email and social media. Join me here and sign up for my newsletter: The Notable Tribe. It’s all free, and I promise to never rent, sell, or share your personal information in any way. If any of this sounds interesting, please bookmark this site and come back often. Thanks for visiting!

Contact me:

Lloyd Lemons
Jacksonville, FL 

Email: Lloyd @ Lloyd Lemons . com   (delete extra spaces)


“I believe we are mandated as human beings to lift each other and to bring each other’s gifts forward.”  - June Huang - Director of Strings at George Mason University.