Hi, I’m Lloyd Lemons.

I’m a writer and a cyclist.

I’m also a husband, father, grandfather, solopreneur, and experienced caregiver who enjoys new adventures, creative opportunities, and helping others.

For the past 30-years, I’ve been writing and consulting for more than 250 businesses. I also write and curate the website Cycling Nirvana, the blog you’re currently reading, and the newsletter Getting Better@Getting Older. I cover topics including health and fitness, resilience and self-reliance, solo-business and new careers, technology, creativity, and living simply. My aim is simple: to amplify and enrich the lives of boomer-era adults. I think we all have an interest in these topics, but I’d like to know what you think! I'll provide resources, know-how, encouragement, and friendship to help you and others of our generation smooth out the rough spots we face as older adults and to get on with life. Talk to me! Tell me what you’d like to learn, clarify, or experience. Shoot me an email and put gb@go in the subject line. I read every email and respond to all serious inquiries.

I’m easy to reach in person, and widely available on social media. Join me here and sign up for my newsletter: Getting Better@Getting Older. It’s free, and I promise to never rent, sell, or share your personal information in any way.

Contact me

Lloyd Lemons
2121 Redfern Road
Jacksonville, FL 32207

Email: Lloyd in Jax @ gmail. com


“I believe we are mandated as human beings to lift each other and to bring each other’s gifts forward.”  -- June Huang - Director of Strings at George Mason University.