Daily Jot

IT'S DIFFICULT FOR ME to write during the holidays, especially when visitors are present. I've had company since December 19th, and of course, I enjoy their presence, but it does make it difficult to concentrate on the project at hand. I'm trying to make adjustments and project an editorial calendar for my newsletter, Curious Elder. After my coffee this morning, I sat down in my office, stared at the blank screen, and ... nothing. 


My remedy for these temporary setbacks is to go into my yard and busy myself with gardening or whatnot until my brain decides to cooperate. 

No gardening today, however, I did stain the wooden swinging gate that was installed across my driveway several months ago. It's a rather messy job and one that has been haunting me for too long.

Finally, it's done! And, I must say, it looks quite good. Trouble is, it took me most of the day, and with all the contorting I did to reach the tight spots, I'm tired and a little stiff. On the positive side, getting that out of the way should free up some extra headspace for me tomorrow.

And, my company is leaving on January 3rd so it will be back to the normal "COVID normal" soon enough. 

Happy New Year everyone!