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flash games for kids

Great advice Lloyd. I never go for a ride or do some training.
I just play out on my bike. Every time I ride, Im that kid again. I love it.

Lloyd Lemons

Thanks for your comment Dean. I love to hear stories like yours. I didn't start riding seriously until I was 52. At first 6-7 miles. Now I'm a randonneur. I've also had some recurrent medical problems that have slowed me down, but NOT stopped me. I continue to ride, to train, and to enjoy the sport immensely! I hope you visit my site often.

Dean Rutkiewicz

I started riding about seven years ago at the age of 41. At the time I thought it was a big deal to ride 12 miles. Today I am part of a group of about 40-50 riders and I ride 2-3 time per week when I can. I have also ridden a few century rides and love it. Finding the time is the toughest issue but understand that ANY ride is better than no ride. Make the time and you will be rewarded.

Lloyd Lemons

Thanks for your comment Phill! Every time I go out for a ride, it's a new adventure. I enjoy having a destination, like the coffee shop or breakfast with friends. Cycling: it's an age eraser!


Great advice Lloyd. I never "go for a ride" or "do some training".
I just "play out on my bike". Every time I ride, I'm that kid again. I love it.

Lloyd Lemons

You, my friend, are an inspiration, to me and many others. Congratulations! Thanks for your comment, and please share this post with others. I'm looking for folks with a similar situation to yours (and mine) to interview for a book I'm working on. Keep in touch and keep on ridin'!



I love this post. I started cycling in June of 2010. I've lost 140lbs - and now ride with a fast group. I have done about a 700 mile tour this summer - with a few days with fully loaded centuries. I feel better. I don't have sleep apnea anymore, and my pressure is so low now that nurses often take it twice.

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