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  • Serious cycling for the young at heart. That’s what Cycling Nirvana is all about. If you ride a bike, or aspire to, and you want to do it right, Cycling Nirvana is the community for you.


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writer, thinker, photographer, curator, mentor and serious cyclist


I’m a 64-year old avid cyclist with a few kinks in my armor. I advocate for cycling, mentor anyone willing to listen, and believe the bike can heal the body and awaken the mind. (I’m living proof of that.) I write and edit this blog where I share stories about cyclists and cycling adventures. I also discuss issues of safety, endurance, and health and fitness for people of a certain age, late-bloomers and other enthusiasts. Additionally, I own the G+ Page, Cycling Nirvana/BRIEFS, where I bring you short bits of news and knowledge to make your cycling life safer and more enjoyable. Join me, please, as I build a community of supportive cyclists who ride for fitness, sport, transportation and fun.

I’ve been a commercial writer and marketing consultant for 30-years and have worked with hundreds of astute marketers from around the world. I’m currently writing a book called: The Simplest Machine. It explores diverse styles of bicycle riding, the mental and physical benefits associated with a cycling lifestyle, and the adventure that cycling can be. My complete bio is available at:


writing, photography, creative collaboration, cycling, resilience, older athletes, fitness, safe riding, getting better @ getting older