Art and design features of handmade bikes

I love art. Especially functional art, like this beautiful, handmade commuter bicycle by Sacha White of Vanilla Cycles.

Vanilla bike sacha white

"Bespoke: The Handbuilt Bicycle," is an exhibition featuring six of the most famous bike-builders in the world. You can see it at New York's Museum of Art and Design from May 13th through August 15th. There will be 21 bikes on display built by artisans like Dario Pegoretti, J. Peter Weigle and Jeff Jones among others. The craftsmanship and attention to detail that went into these machines are unsurpassed.

Here's a brief slideshow preview of what you'll see when you attend. This is some really cool stuff!

Urban riders, the very different Trek District Carbon

Trek-District-Carbon-Bike NEW BIKES ARE ALWAYS FUN and exciting to look at. Trek recently came out with what's being classified as an urban ride, the District Carbon. It's a very cool looking bike, and it should be for $3400. But this bike is a fairly radical departure from anything you've likely seen before.

First, it's built on a Madone OCLV composite frame--looks very racy! It's a single speed, weighs in at just over 15 pounds, and uses a Gates Carbon Drive belt, instead of chain. Imagine, no chain rattle, no freehub click, no oily mess, and it won't grab your pant leg. Here's Trek's spec sheet on it. There's also a different configuration available, simply called the District. Take a look at both of them. Your next ride through the city will likely turn some heads. The District Carbon is not for everyone, but it just might be for you if you want something rare and beautiful, and completely different.

Outrageous bikes, eye candy plus

Daytona1 TAKE A LOOK AT THESE BIKES. They're both low-tech and high-tech; practical and outrageous. Don't miss the pub bike; great for that after-ride cool down and re-hydration. My wife's been asking for a tandem. I wonder if she'd be happy with the wooden one. And, of course, don't miss the bicycle-jousting video clip at the end. Crazy stuff! I think I'll stick with my Serotta, although, I have to admit, some of these are very cool.

Build your own bamboo bike!

Bamboo bike 2 Bamboo bike?
Yes, bamboo bike. You can build your own at the Bamboo Bike Studio in New York. But call soon, because the classes are booked until April. Think about. It's "green", it's renewable, it's organic (mostly), and it's created using your own handiwork. Read about it here on NPR.