The more you ride, the more you love to ride
How I Plan to Go From an Out-of-Shape Entrepreneur to a Cycling Master

Welcome to Cycling Nirvana!

AS THE BANNER STATES, this is a website about serious cycling. If you’re a roadie, a middle-aged bike rider, a late bloomer, or someone who’s been given a second chance at living you may be thinking: Geez, I’ve been riding since I was seven, how serious can cycling be?

Well, for me it is serious -- but in a good way
It’s about more than an evening roll around the neighborhood, but it’s not about pro-level racing or even competitive riding. It’s about more than pedaling your beach cruiser to the local beer garden, but it’s not about maximizing your lactate threshold level using a new interval strategy.


My definition of serious cycling is riding a bicycle the right way, the safe way, the beneficial way. There's much more to the sport today, than what you learned when you were seven. It's about riding your bike for health and fitness, sport, transportation and for just having fun. If you ride a bike, or aspire to, and you want to do it safely, while restoring your body and mind, then you should find Cycling Nirvana a valuable resource.


Cycling Nirvana is about obtaining maximum enjoyment from a cycling lifestyle -- plain and simple. Please subscribe to our growing community of sharing and supportive people who enjoy a cycling lifestyle of fitness, fun and adventure. Think of it as serious cycling for the young at heart.


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