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Lloyd Lemons

The cycling infrastructure in my city, Jacksonville, FL is improving, but at a painfully slow rate. I do like the separated bike lanes, but they don't always fit on legacy roadways. Thanks so much for your comments!

Raymond Parker

More good tips. Some cities do a better job than others ... in fact, some cities don't do any job on cycling infrastructure at all!

I'm lucky to live in a city where such things are taken relatively seriously. Still we have a few painted "bike lanes" that end abruptly.

Nearby Vancouver (BC) has recently (to the horror of the usual suspects) undertaken a comprehensive program of separated bike lanes that any city would be smart to emulate.

Lloyd Lemons

Thanks! And good point. Anyone riding on the road shouldn't automatically trust road markings. Engineers make mistakes. Painters make mistakes. Be wary. If it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't.


Good stuff.

Perhaps worth mentioning that sharrows can sometimes be placed incorrectly in the gutter zone, depending on jurisdiction.

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